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What Are The Best Online Baby Shops For Nursery Accessories?

After you have a confirmed pregnancy, there is a lot of things that must be done to prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy. Not only do you need to take care of your physical health whilst you are carrying your child, but you will also need to prepare for your baby’s living space once it arrives. Fortunately, there are many online baby shops where you can shop for the perfect accessories for your newborn.

Mothercare Baby Shops Northern Ireland

Mothercare is a UK based baby shop that has been around for over five decades. The store carries all types of baby-related products such as:

Baby clothes
Maternity clothes

Mothercare also provides parents with a wealth of pregnancy and parenting advice. It does not matter whether you need some inspiration for nursery d├ęcor, or you are trying to decide on the best pushchair for your child, Mothercare has the information you need so you can make the best decisions for you and your baby.


H&M is a popular baby shop online in the United Kingdom with locations across the pond as well. The company sells high-quality baby clothing and nursery accessories with a focus on affordability and sustainability.

You can everything you need for your newborn such as fun storage containers or cot bed linen. There is always a good selection of on-trend baby accessories at H&M.

One of the company’s best concepts is its recycling mission. You can bring back used items purchased from H&M so they can be recycled into new products. This means all the items you purchase for your baby can receive another home as your child gets older.

Ferm Living

The founder of Ferm Living is Trine Andersen, a Dannish designer. Not only is she a designer, but she is also a mum so she understands the importance of having accessories that are not only stylish but are practical as well.

The accessories are also designed to provide your child with a calm setting when they are ready to go to bed. You can purchase organic bedding for your baby’s crib in a range of different colours.


With locations all over the world, IKEA is a shop has a major online and offline presence. This means that if you cannot find the perfect nursery accessory in your local shop, chances are you will be able to order exactly what you need online.

This is also a company that prides itself on sustainability. You can everything you need from:

Baby textiles
Baby toys
Changing tables
Baby furniture

A lot of mums are huge fans of the Flisat range. This range includes toy storage boxes and book display shelves.


This is a European store that is very stylish and always stocks a wide range of nursery room accessories. Some of these accessories are:

Decorative garlands

The Nobodinoz containers can serve double duty. The smaller ones can be used as a changing table kit, whilst the larger ones can be used to store toys.

Having a baby is a life-changing event. Be sure you are prepared for your little one by getting the right accessories from the best online baby shops.